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Be a part of the global TV revolution

GL 's Web Television products offer live television and media services delivered over Internet Protocol (IP), using a technology referred to as Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

What does this mean? This means that GL customers can now gain access to thousands of high quality international TV and radio channels through their desktop computers, laptops or television sets (via GL™Box - please see below for details!).

GL Web Television is currently offered through two packages:

1. GL™Wiz: Iranian, Afghan, Tajik, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Assyrian and Kurdish communities

2. GL™Arab: Arabic communities

GL customers can choose the package of their choice and enjoy:
  • Live TV
  • Video-on-Demand
  • Pay-Per-View
  • Live Radio
  • Web Links
  • Media Center
  • Worldwide News

GL Web Television can be enjoyed in two ways:

1. Through your home computer from or
Great News! Go to or now and enjoy live GL Web Television (at 128kbps- lower resolution) for free! For higher quality fullscreen viewing at 750 kpbs and access to VOD, TV Series and movies, you can select from one of the available subscription packages.

2. Via GL™Box on your home television.
Buy a GL™Box and enjoy GL™Wiz or GL™Arab from your television set! . The GL™Box connects to your internet to allow you to enjoy GL Web Television programming from the comfort of your home television.

The GL™Box can be connected to any television set and GL content programming can be viewed anywhere with a high speed internet connection. (Minimum speed: 2mbps)

GL™Box Benefits include:
  • No hassles with the installation of satellite dishes, or the unavailability of cable or digital signals in a particular area GL™Wiz and GL™Arab can be viewed anywhere with a high speed internet connection
  • Hundreds of TV Channels from across the world (US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East)
  • Access to all programs which were broadcast in the last 72 hours as videos on demand
  • A complete archive of popular TV Series'
  • Access to international movies as videos on demand
  • A variety of exciting sports events, world music and interviews through the Video-on-Demand Archive

Triple Play Offering on GL Web Television!

IPTV allows for a rich interactive media experience which GL Web TV is excited to offer to GL clients! GL Web TV has expanded its services to provide "Triple Play" to all consumers. Triple Play refers to VoIP, IPTV, and internet browsing capabilities all in one package. GL Web TV will combine Triple Play with mobility services for an unforgettable and memorable media experience for all clients!

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